Sale of the mini-midi-step-seq begins

Today the sale of audiowerkstatt-product #7 begins:
The mini-midi-step-seq.

The audiowerkstatt mini-midi-step-seq is a MIDI-sequencer (no gate/CV), which is based on a classic analog step-sequencer:

- Programming with potentiometers (no endless-dial and no detent)!
- Only one track!
- No pattern-storage!
- No internal clock (only usable as MIDI-slave)!
- No display!

It is optimized for live use, especially jam-sessions, but can also be used to give you new ideas, if you are stuck in your main sequencer.

- All settings can be changed while it's running
- 2x 8-step-patterns, that can be chained to a 16-step-pattern
- Possibility to jump from one pattern to the other
- Possibility to edit the pattern that is playing or the other pattern
- LEDs next to the knobs display their status
- One pattern can be copied to the other
- Several steps can be put together, to get different note-lenths
- First step and last step can be adjusted
- Clock-divider can be set in 8 steps (1/1 to 1/32)
- Velocity can be set in 7 steps (1 to 127)
- Special mode for random velocity
- Range can be set in 7 steps (13 notes to 128 notes)
- Special mode where the knobs are used to program pitchbend
- The lowest note can be set in 8 steps to transpose (C0 bis C7)
- The gate-length can be set in 16 steps
- Possibility to get polyphonic patterns similar to "chord memory"
- Can be pushed forward or backward a step or midi-clock-tick
- Can restart the sequencer without stopping the master-clock
- All settings are stored after powering down

More information is available on the product page: